What a pity the Garden Group is unable to meet during the lockdown.  Progress has been made at the allotment, although with mixed fortunes.  The sharp frost at the beginning of May destroyed the tender young courgette plants and killed off about half the runner beans.  Fortunately, spares were growing in the potting shed, and the damaged seedlings quickly replaced.  Then came the drought!  Carrots and beetroot failed to germinate (in spite of copious amounts of evening watering), and those plants that had germinated struggled to establish themselves.  Things are looking better now with the recent rain.  The potatoes are now flowering, the runner beans half way up the poles, the broad beans are setting with pods forming, the leeks are planted, and any amount of lettuce flourishing.  If any of the the Garden Group would like a lettuce (or two), please let me know and I will try and get them to you.