At the start of the lockdown, all our regular had to shut down, although regular contact was kept between our members and volunteers.  As restrictions eased a little, it was possible to tentatively recommence a few of our activities such as gardening at the allotment.  Sophie also organised a series of picnics at the Rectory of a period of several days with just six members at a time being able to take part.  This has been a tremendous success, in spite of the somewhat temperamental weather we have experienced towards the end of this summer.  Fortunately, the large wooden shelter in the Rectory garden helped us keep out of the rain and wind, and the pleasure of being able to meet up with a few friends for a chat overrode any disappointment in the weather.   A huge thank you to Sophie for organising these picnics.  Unfortunately, restrictions have just been reintroduced, so once again, we will have to be very careful on how we organise our activities.